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Rescue Horses   |  STYX

Introducing SAVER's newest addition . . . Styx!

Styx is a 12-year-old Appaloosa, is now available for adoption. He is about 16 hands tall, and has a very sweet and trusting disposition. Despite having a defect in his left eye, including a cataract that causes him to be mostly blind on that side, he loves to please.

Styx enjoys trail riding and loves the company of other horses. Though ride-able, he could still use some more work. He is allergic to alfalfa, and currently has shoes and pads on the front feet. He was confiscated by the State due to neglect.

This horse has completed evaluation for adoptability and has found his new forever home.  







16 Years


16.0 Hands



Adoptability Status: Adopted

Styx’s BIO

Sponsorships start at $50 a month and help cover basic needs of the horse. You will receive a photo certificate of sponsorship and your name or business listed under Horse Sponsors.

(Styx is the ancient name of the Mavro Nero River, located in Arcadia, Greece)