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Rescue Horses   |  PABLO

Dile hola a Pablo!

He is a is a 22-year-old Peruvian Paso Fino gelding who came to SAVER at the end of April.

Pablo enjoys being around people and spending time being brushed. He was never started to be able to ride and would do best as a companion horse, as he enjoys being around other horses.

Pablo is a sweet guy to be around. He has completed his evaluation, and found his new forever home.  





Peruvian Paso Fino


22 Years




Adoptability Status: Adopted

Pablo’s BIO

Sponsorships start at $50 a month and help cover basic needs of the horse. You will receive a photo certificate of sponsorship and your name or business listed under Horse Sponsors.

(Pablo is a Spanish male name, which means “small”. It also is a Spanish form of the name Paul.)