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Rescue Horses   |  ARCHER

Meet one of SAVER's newest addition . . . Archer!

Archer is a 13-year-old, solid sorrel APHA gelding registered as Isle Be Impressed. He is a very sweet gelding who loves to be around other horses and seems to be quite content being low on the pecking order.

Archer is very affectionate with people, and enjoys being brushed as well as bathed; standing still and calm. He knows how to lunge in the round pen, and is also rideable, though he is not sound for hard or competitive riding. Archer is a very friendly horse with a big personality who would do best in a home where he is turned out with other horses.

This horse has completed evaluation for adoptability and been re-homed. Thank You!  





Sorrel APHA


13 Years


15.3-16.0 Hands



Adoptability Status: Adopted

Archer’s BIO

Sponsorships start at $50 a month and help cover basic needs of the horse. You will receive a photo certificate of sponsorship and your name or business listed under Horse Sponsors.

(late 13c., from Anglo-French archer, Old French archier "archer, bowmaker," from Latin arcarius, from arcus "bow")